Equipment Lease Services in Mexico
In todays tech savvy world, it is absolutely important for every firm to be well equipped with the latest technological equipment to prosper in their industry. However, observing the rate at which today’s technology is advancing, it may not be feasible for every firm to replace their outdated equipment with the latest one. Here is where GeekIT’s leasing services come into the picture.
With our cost effective, high end leasing services, you can be assured that your firm will be provided with cutting edge technical equipment including servers, storage arrays, networking equipment, telecommunications, PCs and routers.
Short term/ long term IT rentals

Whether you are in need for additional computer and IT equipment to meet your expansion needs, for an event, exhibition, conference or replace your outdated devices to meet workload fluctuations or special project needs, GeekIT offers a comprehensive range of short-term and long-term rental services to meet your needs.


With our Rent-to-Own option, you can give the new technology a trial run before actually going ahead with the purchase.

As mentioned earlier, Technology is evolving at a lightening speed, and project requirements keep changing according to the dynamic business environment, so why not get up-to-date equipment that befits your project requirements to boost productivity? Our onsite delivery and IT support services will ensure that the equipment stays up and running all the time.

Dedicated service, high quality products and client convenience are the three features that outline GeekIT. Whether you are expanding your business or organizing an event, or replacing your old equipment, GeekIT can provide you with all the IT infrastructure and IT support that you need to cater to your specific requirements. We also have a refund policy which allows clients to return the equipment within 30 days if they are unsatisfied with the product. For more information on our leasing services, contact us.

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